Hipsotech Business Solutions SL. Solutions for all types of Business Challenges.

Solutions for all types of Business Challenges.



Innovation as a Solution.
When innovating method matters. We abroad all the stages of the innovation, from the idea, the prototypes and the deliverabled final product.



Artistic creation as a solution.
We are aware that a picture is worth a thousand words. We make designs for All kinds of format: web, banners, billboards, logos, magazines, etc ... We are artists from user experience and corporate image.



The software as a solution.
We do not make web pages, we make solutions that have the web as one of their interfaces. We embrace Agile philosophy without falling into dogmatism. Specialists in PHP, Javascript, SQL and RPGLE, But agnostics in programming language.



The infrastructure as a solution.
We are experts in all types of infrastructures, wherever you pringe or cloud. Intel, IBM Power, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Ubuntu, Rhel, Windows, IBM I, Docker, Bash, Powershell, etc ...



The strategy as a solution.
Business advance towards widespread automation and you need to have a good strategy to solve the Digital transformation successfully. The framework of Enterprise Architecture provides us with a clear definition of what, and who develops the business. Transforming data into intelligence is the way.



The middleware platform as a solution.
We specialize in the management of the platform or middleware in everything Types of systems. We enjoy a great DEVOPS recipes book for Different platforms. MySQL, Nginx, Apache HTTP, IIS, DB / 2, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Rabbitmq, Redis, Elasticsearch, etc ...