Hipsotech, Business Solutions

Understand. Design. Schedule.


Hipsotech provides packaged digital solutions for businesses, delving deep into understanding their challenges, and offering design, customization, development, and implementation of IT solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of each business.



Quantum Research Group as a Service, the Feynman Team, is the initiative proposing to bring your company to the forefront of the Quantum Computing scene.

Our strategy is fueled by the integration of world-class high-tech providers, cutting-edge innovation labs, specialized academies, and extensive collaboration with prestigious universities and key communities.

This ensures we effectively and immediately leverage the benefits of quantum computing, with a hybrid and progressive approach as the science advances. Quantum Computing is here and it’s coming at the same time 😉



eTramits simplifies the interaction between customers or users and companies or organizations, providing a space for organized and detailed publication of explanations, centralizing all information in a single interaction space.

Our mission is to make the complexity of a company or organization’s procedures transparent to its customers or users, making access to any information, management, or interaction simple, convenient, and intuitive.

We offer administrators a tool that incorporates AI to ease customization and simplicity in maintaining and adding new content.